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'Between the shores of the oceans and the summit of the highest mountain is a secret route
that you must absolutely take before being one with the sons of the earth.'

Khahil Ghibran

Info about Everest

Map Showing Nepal

Mount Everest is the world's highest mountain, and stands 8850m above sea level, although the Nepali government still stands by the original figure of 8848m. Its native Nepali name is 'Sagarmatha', literally meaning 'Goddess of the Sky', whilst the Tibetan name is 'Chomolungma'.

View of Mount Everest taken by Richard Lebon

Everest was first summitted in 1953 by Sherpa Tenzing Norgay and Sir Edmund Hillary in May 1953, members of a British team who climbed the South Col route that that is most popular today.

In 1924 George Mallory and Andrew Irvine famously went missing on the mountain, pioneering the route on the North East-Ridge. Mallory's body was discovered in 1999 and controversy remains as to whether they reached the summit or not.

Map of Nepal showing Mount Everest

The youngest ever summiteer is Nepali Tsemba Tsheri, who climbed Everest aged 15 on May 22nd 2001, losing five fingers to frostbite in the attempt.

The youngest Briton to climb Everest is Jake Meyer, who summitted on 4th June 2005, and who has also become the youngest person to climb the seven summits: the highest summits on each continent. Both Jake and his predecessor Bear Grylls have kindly been very supportive of Rob and James' attempt. Jake also climbed with Adventure Peaks.

All Maps created using data derived from the CIA World Data Book 1980.
Copyright belongs to Stephen Stagg

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